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About us

Morethetho Construction was established in 2009 as a general construction company in Lesotho. We diversified our business focus to underground Drilling in 2014 and therefore registered as a drilling contractor accredited by the Department of Water Affairs in Lesotho. Morethetho Construction is situated at Ha Foso-Marabeng on the along the Main North 1 road to TY We have over 6 years’ experience in underground water drilling and related services in Lesotho and our services are offered to residential, commercial, agricultural, mining industry, construction and water supply projects for rural communities. We offer a complete underground solution from borehole survey, drilling, casing, pumping/ yield test, quality test, storage tanks and stand installation. Our fleet of drilling rigs helps us to deliver timeous quality services to our diversified customers. During the past 6 years our company has had the opportunity to drill throughout the country in different district of Lesotho and therefore have a vast knowledge of the varying underground formations in different areas.